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The feeling of a big arena in front of breath-taking scenery coupled with a most innovative park design – once a true insiders’ tip, the STANTON Park has established itself as true freestyle highlight in the past years.


So, if you not only want to enjoy endless powder runs, but are also looking for a masterly shaped setup, the STANTON Park is your place to be! Winter is coming closer and just like last season the STANTON Park is getting ready for once again becoming the perfect playground for the freestyle community. The park-areal is perfectly accessible with two lifts, which means you can do loads of runs within a short time and literally shred ‘til you drop! But the connection to the lifts isn’t the only thing making the location of the park perfect. For all of you who want to watch what’s going on in the park in a little more laid back manner, the Rendl terrace with its bars and restaurants will give you the perfect opportunity to chill and observing the pros doing their tricks. That’s also one of the aspects parkdesigner Rene Friedl likes about the park: “From the huge terrace you’ve got a perfect view on what’s going on in the park – an absolutely phat location!”

3 Lines – 1 Mission: SHRED OR GO HOME – Beginning at the summit station Rendl the park area includes three infamous sectors, guaranteeing freestyle for all skill levels. The famed Proline with its huge kickers and loads of rails and boxes, the popular Medium Kickerline located at the center, with jumps between 7 and 11 meters and, of course, the Jibline, inviting you to let off some steam on different rails and boxes. In order to regularly offer new challenges to the riders, just like last year, a couple of innovations have been integrated in the setup and we can all look forward to a few ingenious arrangements.
Let the Play Begin! Due to creative park elements and the unique arena-like feeling, the STANTON Park is a superlative contest location.

New challenges can be expected by all visitors, which will feel like riding in an arena, due to extraordinary infrastructure of the area. As the park is located directly in front of the RendlBeach with terrace, bar and restaurant, park riders are perfectly staged. This combination of innovative park design, unique arena atmosphere and an ideal integration of the park into the existing mountain infrastructure, obviously makes the STANTON PARK a superior contest location.
Starting from the Rendl station, the park areal extends over three well-known areas, which guarantee freestyle for every advanced level. The popular proline, which also hosted big kickers and lots of rails and boxes last year, is the centre of the popular and always popular medium kicker line with jumps between 7 and 11 meters and various jibs, and of course the jib line, where you can sit on different boxes and rails. And so that no parking visitors are getting too bored, this year will also incorporate some innovations into the set-up. You can already be curious what park designer Rene Friedl and his shape crew conjure into the park.

This combination of innovative park design, unique arena flair and optimal integration of the park into the existing mountain infrastructure make the STANTON Park also a contest location of superlatives.

With this sumptuous offer you can finally explain the area on the Arlberg to the stronghold of the young winter sports. So, the wide, open terrain around the Rendl has already been the absolute top destination for the international freeride scene for years. The endless powder runs and the fine-structured terrain in the middle of a breathtaking panorama simply invite you to dump it properly. And if you still do not have enough after the freestyling, you will find some opportunities to celebrate and end the day in St. Anton.

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