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Our philosophy

What does hospitality mean for us? “You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend“

We would like to offer our guests an appropriate space where sincere warmth is lived and in which the “feeling at home” is felt everywhere.

“It’s like coming home“, many of our regular guests say.

The return of our guests is our greatest reward and our daily motivation.

It is important for us to consciously perceive the people around us by decelerating despite the fast-moving times we live in. The wishes and concerns of our guests are very important to us, and it is often the “little things” in life that count and make a stay unforgettable.

“Going with the flow is not always good”. We do not necessarily follow every trend. Much more important to us are the personal, individual and friendly encounters of people. It is a matter of course for us to look beyond our own expectations and try to meet the different needs of our guest’s culture.


Our values

The lasting cohesion between guests and employees. We focus on the humanity of our actions, because nothing is more important than humans themselves.

We attach great importance to the “we feeling” – cohesion, trust, respect, and appreciation.

We achieve goals together and our employees work hand in hand. Every single one of them is a host. The performance of an employee must be recognized in order to create the prerequisites for a pleasant environment. Every single employee counts with word, opinion and personality.

Careful handling of food and the avoidance of food waste are a major concern for us. We would like to use all our possibilities to operate our house resources in an environmentally friendly manner.

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