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Mountain hiking is healthy! It seems like a truism to all of us that hiking is healthy. That the mountain air has a positive effect on the human organism has also been heard or read while leafing through magazines. It is obvious that the two must be particularly advantageous when combined. It was scientifically proven by the AMAS 2000 altitude study (Austrian Moderate Altitude Study) carried out on the Arlberg.

Numerous “test persons” between the ages of 39 and 65 spent mountain vacations with hikes at altitudes of 1400 to 2000 meters. The extensive medical examinations then provided evidence that the mountain hiking

  • Contributes to the economization of cardiovascular behavior (in some cases antihypertensive agents could be reduced or even discontinued).
  • improves blood sugar and blood lipid metabolism.
  • leads to weight loss.
  • has positive neuro-psychological effects: It has repeatedly been made clear that attitudes towards life are becoming more positive, sleep quality and duration of sleep increase, and negative sensitivities decrease.
  • leads to an increase in young red blood cells. These have better oxygen transport capabilities; the risk of thrombosis is reduced.

The secret of the recreational value when hiking in the mountains, so the conclusion of the study, lies in the mobilization and economization of forces. First, according to Prof. Humpeler, the organism turns up in order to get to full capacity. But then, at the end of a stay at high altitude, it runs more calmly, at a lower speed, and yet produces the same or even higher performance. Mountain hiking is the magic word. Mountain hiking already has a lot of friends and there will be many more to come.

The security that an authorized mountain guide can give a guest about his alpine knowledge, about his knowledge of the weather, about his knowledge of the nature of the path and the dangers that can occur during the hike, calculation of the walking time, correct pace, breathing, makes hiking easy for the guest and symptom-free. For a guest, hiking with a mountain guide means being guided, being able to switch off and being able to really enjoy the time in nature. Our local mountain guides can offer our guests all of this.


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